Since a few of my readers liked to ‘peek’ when they were children (and maybe they still do), I thought I would post a short peek once again into my childhood.

Another Wee PeakI follow a page on FaceBook and the question was asked about what we remember most about Kindergarten.

My answer was “playing in the rhythm band”. Terry replied that she would have liked to see my play. Well, as that is entirely out of the question, I thought I could at least post a picture of that little band of five-year-old boys and girls with our sticks, tambourines and triangles and drum.

Another Wee Peak

The quality isn’t so good, but I had to take a picture from a photo and that doesn’t always come out well. I’m sorry I can’t provide you with sound to go along with it. Perhaps, if you have a vivid imagination, you might just catch a little tune. I’m afraid I don’t even remember what music we played to.

I hope you have enjoyed this little reminiscence. Please leave a comment below, and if you do not already follow my blog, feel free to sign up to have notifications come via e-mail.

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15 thoughts on “ANOTHER WEE PEEK

  1. What a refreshing topic 🙂 What I remember the most about kindergarten is: my cubbyhole and nap time (because I couldn’t fall asleep). Actually, I remember the very first day of school: my mother took me to the door of the kindergarten room and I didn’t cry… but I do recall quite a few who did cry and couldn’t understand why.

    • Thank you so much for visiting, Elaine. I really appreciate your comments. I actually don’t remember my first day at school or, for that matter, much other than the rhythm band. I can remember a “competition” we went to and I remember the teacher lining us up properly. I don’t remember the actual playing.

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