This is a story I wrote several years ago when I was a distributor selling a product called Amigo Juice. This company no longer exists. I have another funny story about this juice I will write later. This is one of a varied lot of stories and writings which I began to put together in book form as a different sort of devotional. I’m not sure when it will ever be finished, so I thought I would post at least some of the pieces here.


Dog and Dolls 011

A Doll I Made for my Mother’s 90th Birthday–Just for Fun

Also it is not good for a person to be without knowledge, And he who hurries his footsteps errs.11

I’m running out of time! Where has the day gone? I’m due at my writers’ group meeting and it’s a half hour drive there. I still have to take my Amigo juice supplement. How will ever make it on time? I know, I’ll take a little short cut. If I just pour the powder into my mouth and then drink the water it won’t take as long as mixing it in a shaker. Here goes.

What, you might ask, is Amigo juice? Well, Amigo juice is a product formulated, manufactured and distributed by Natural Health Labs of which I am an independent distributor. A combination of goji juice, mangosteen pericarp and açai berry juice, it is a powerful nutritional supplement. Because it comes in powder form, it is much more economical to ship than large bottles of liquid. But if you don’t shake it well with the water, you get to chew on the jelly-like lumps in the juice. It tastes wonderful. But little did I suspect what would happen when I emptied that little scoop of powder into my mouth!

In went the powder, and down went the water. But the wet ‘powder’ wouldn’t budge off the roof of my mouth! I worked my tongue around it. Nothing. It reminded me of rubber cement. It was between my teeth. It was immovable! So much for my short cut!

“I can’t go out like this,” I silently lamented. Finally, I took a teaspoon and tried scraping it off. That was fun. It came off in little bits, and stubbornly stuck in my teeth. Something had to be done. Since I couldn’t think of anything else, I kept scraping with the spoon. I picked at my teeth with a toothpick. Gradually most of it came off. Or so I thought.

I quickly got down to the car and set out for the meeting. I ran my tongue around my mouth. There was still the friendly cement clinging in places. I continued to work at it. I made it to the meeting on time, and my mouth was finally free of Amigo cement. Lesson learned, and no one was the wiser–except me. Until I told our hostess. She had a good laugh.

I promise you, Amigo, my friend,

I will never take you without water again.

Thought for the day: Never do anything without first taking thought as to the consequences.

Prayer: Father, we are so prone to jumping in with both feet without thinking about what we are doing or what will be the outcome. Help us to consider well before we do things. May we remember to consult You when we are about to embark on some new task. And when we do make a blunder, help us to see the laughable side of it and realize we can always seek Your forgiveness and move on from there. You are ever ready to forgive and to show us the right way. And Lord, help us to learn from our mistakes. The real tragedy of going wrong is when we continue to do the same thing over and over without gaining insight into our errors. I commit each of us into Your hands, Father, and ask You to lead us every step of the way. Praise be to Your name. Amen.

11Proverbs 19:2

I hope my little story gave you a laugh and lifted your spirits. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thank you for taking time to check out my post.

7 thoughts on “MY AMIGO

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    • Thanks so much, Janis, for stopping by and reading. Thanks for the comment. Yes, we can learn from almost any situation if our eyes and ears are tuned in to the Lord. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. God bless.

    • Yes, it isn’t an easy go to sell products like that. People who really need these natural products often can’t afford them. And for seniors here in Canada, there is a government drug plan, so if they can get drugs for free, they usually don’t want to spend money on natural products that are much healthier. For those who can and are willing to pay those prices, there aren’t enough to keep anyone in business. I’m blessed to be retired now and not to have to concern myself with selling products. That is, until I get my books published, and then I will have to do some selling. 🙂 Thank you for commenting.

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