Have you ever lost something that you really liked? Maybe it wasn’t even valuable, or even necessary, but you miss it.

Some years ago I sold jewelry through a network marketing company. These pieces featured Swarovski crystals. I purchased a few pieces for myself. One pair of earrings I particularly liked. They were simple yet elegant. One day when I decided to wear them I discovered I only had one of the pair. I looked all over but could not find it’s mate. Periodically I would check around on the floor under the dresser and in the drawers to double check, but never found that earring.

This reminded me of the time, as a young child, I lost one of a pair of my mother’s earrings by dropping it accidentally down a knothole in the floor. I used to go back to that hole and look down it trying to see where that earring had landed. Of course it was impossible to see into the darkness of the space between the first and second floor of the house. One of my first posts on this site was about this. I apologize that the photos on those first posts have disappeared, but you can still read about it if you like.


My Earrings

A couple of months back, I decided to give it one more try. I knew I had never come home with only one earring, so it had to be somewhere in my apartment. I scanned under the dresser one more time. Nothing. Then I decided to get my little flashlight and do a final search. I had little hope of finding it, but lo and behold! There it lay. Now I have a complete pair which I can wear. I am sure you can see by the picture why I like them so much.

When I contemplated this the other day I realized that this state of being lost then found is just like we are before we come to the Lord. We are quite lost. Sometimes we are even aware that we are lost, but do not know how to be found. Just like that lost earring, we cannot find ourselves. We need someone to search us out. Then Jesus comes into the picture and “finds” us. He rescues us from the darkness and brings us out into the light so we can shine like those Swarovski crystals. We become useful in the Kingdom of God as we do His bidding.

What have you lost that you would like to find again? Perhaps we should all ask ourselves what we have lost from our lives that we need to retrieve to be whole once again. Have we lost some of the fruit of the Spirit? Or perhaps some of our zeal for serving? Maybe we have “lost” our quality time with the Lord in prayer, reading of the word or just listening to Him. Is it time to invite Jesus to help us to find that place once again so we can be fully useful to the Lord? Is it time to recommit ourselves to Him and to serve His and others with our whole heart? These are questions we should ask ourselves on a regular basis so that anything we have lost can be found quickly and not take years to rediscover. Like my earring.

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Have a wonderful week. God bless you and keep you.

15 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND

  1. Amazing post! Hit home with me. I’ve definitely lost time with the Lord. “Things” became busy and before Him. Shame on me. This post was what I needed

  2. Absolutely a Beautiful post Diane. We have all been lost a sometime and it is so wonderful when we realize that we were never really lost but God has always been by our sides loving us and helping us find ourselves again.
    God Bless You and thank you for reminding us all of our blessungs.
    I love you,

    • Thank you Nancy. Your comments mean a lot to me. I did this post on the spur of the moment and clicked on “Publish” just before I called in to Chuck’s call. God bless you.

  3. Such a wonderful story and connection to how we are lost and found in Jesus. It is a beautiful gift to know we are found in the One who loves nothing more than to spend time with us.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts. And thanks for the likes and the follow. It’s good to want to be found. That is a good beginning. And Jesus knows exactly where to find you and how you are feeling and what you really need. Often we think we need this or that and we can be so far off. But He not only knows the right things for us, He has everything we need. I pray that you will be found by Him and find Him to be your place of freedom from pain and grief. Spending time alone with the Lord is a good thing. I pray you will find peace there. God bless you.

        • You are more than welcome. If I can write encouraging words that bless others it is a great blessing to me in turn. I’m glad my words meant something special to you. God bless you.

        • We sang this song this morning at church and I thought it was perfect for you. Here are the words and I will add a link to a video so you can listen to it as well.
          Here’s my heart Lord
          here’s my heart Lord
          Here’s my heart Lord
          Speak what is true

          I am found I am Yours
          I am loved I’m made pure
          I have life I can breathe
          I am healed I am free

          You are strong You are sure
          You are life You endure
          You are good always true
          You are light |Breaking through

          You are more than enough
          You are here You are love
          You are hope You are grace
          You’re all I have You’re everything

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