Anyone here ever heard of Kiribati? Have you ever been there? Neither have I. In fact I had never heard of it until a couple of years ago. And when I searched a map for it, it turned out to be on the tiniest island, only a dot, in the middle of the ocean, in the South Seas. No bigger than a pinpoint. Actually it is on Canton Island. And I have a strange “connection” with Kiribati.

December 23, 2010, I placed an order of skin care products from a company named L’Bri Pure N ‘Natural. I had been a distributor for this company for a few years, and this was the last order of that year for me. Actually it turned out to be the last order I ever placed as within a couple of months I could no longer keep up with the annual doubled quotas that were being set. The order did not arrive. I cannot now remember if I had them reship or if I may have even forgotten about the order. Probably not as some of the products would have been for customers, and I imagine the company resent the order to me eventually.

But where did that order go? Well, I would not find out for seven years. One day in January or February of 2017, the postal delivery buzzed me to come down to the lobby. He had a parcel for me. It surprised me as I did not recollect placing an order for anything. Down I went, and the first thing the postman said was that it looked rather battered. And it did. I should have taken a photo of it. But from the box I could not learn where it came from. Upon opening it, I saw the products, one of which had broken and leaked all over everything else. I checked the Customs declaration. It had come by Priority Mail. I looked more closely and discovered that, instead of being sent to London, Ontario, Canada, it had been addressed to London, Ontario, Canton Island (Kiribati). It had the correct postal code even. And the postal code is supposed to be enough for the parcel to be directed correctly.

But what happened between 2010 and 2017? I guess I will never know. But how it ever eventually arrived at my door is an even greater mystery to me. I really wish I could have traveled with that carton to see some of the places it went. The only explanation? You can see it on the label: Missent to Kiribati.

I think there is something to learn from the spiritual standpoint from this story. We must be directed to the right location. Are you heading for heaven? If not, you need to find out how to redirect your life onto the right route to get there. If you are expecting to get there whatever route you take, you may find out you are too late. The story in Matthew 25 about the 10 virgins confirms this. Five had enough oil for their lamps to last, but the other five had not taken extra. By the time they had gone out to remedy that situation, they returned to find out they were too late. How disheartening those two words would be. “Too late!” I want to make sure my life is directed to the right address. I don’t want any delays or detours or wrong destinations to jeopardize my arrival in heaven when my life here is completed. Check the “shipping address” on your life. Do you need to be redirected to the right location? It is simple enough to do. Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins and ask Him into your heart to take over the direction of your life. All it takes is a sincere heart to reach out to Him. Take a moment to check the address marked on your life. Where are you headed?

I hope you enjoyed my little story. Thank you for taking time to stop by and read it. I would very much appreciate it if you would leave a comment in the box below. Have you ever had anything similar happen to you? Please tell me about it. If you are not yet following me, please click on the “Follow” button at the top and you will receive e-mail updates when I publish new posts.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. May the God of all peace bless you with the peace that passes all understanding. Put your hand in His and let Him lead you.


  1. Yes I did have a similar experience Diane…Although not as large a time span as yours.
    In November 2018, I sent my granddaughter a scarf I hand crocheted for her for Christmas, she was living & working in London at the time. But as the weeks got closer & closer to Christmas no gift package arrived 😦
    I checked with her that I had placed the correct address on it & she confirmed I had.
    Christmas came & went, New Year came & went & so on, we were both very disappointed. She even came back to Australia for a visit but no parcel had arrived.
    Then a few weeks ago I went to get the mail & there sitting on my door step was her parcel covered with stamps & stickers.
    It had been posted back from UK Customs so we have no idea why she didn’t get it! It had a sticker saying “not collected” but she didn’t receive any notification that it was there!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jennifer. I have another story myself. Several years ago I was selling a supplement from a company in the US. I ordered 4 cans, but it never came. They reshipped and I thought nothing more about it. It was at least a year (I can’t remember exactly) when the original showed up. I think it shipped from California to London Ontario Canada but instead went to London England. But go get back here it traveled via Australia. I called the company and they told me to just keep it. The funny thing is that it was probably the last product I got from that company as they made changes and were no longer a network marketing company. My parcels seem to like that area of the world to be misdirected to as a final trip around the world to announce the end of my distributorship. 🙂 God bless you.

    • Thank you so much, Martha. I really appreciate you taking time to stop by and comment. And I am glad you enjoyed the analogy. I hadn’t even thought about that until I had written the rest. Then I saw it clearly and had to add it. God bless.

  2. Thank you for this story and lesson. I have not had an experience like this, but appreciate the lesson of making sure I am on track with God. I know it is easy to get lost when I lose focus on the One who loves me more than I can imagine.

    • Thank you for reading my story, Mary. I think we all lose focus from time to time, and we do need to check up on ourselves so we don’t go too far astray. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. God bless.

  3. Oh my! That’s crazy! You must have been quite surprised, and maybe had a bit of a laugh over it all? Yes, we can get misdirected unless staying the course, and allowing redirection when needed. My life verse is Philippians 3:14-15 on pressing on toward the goal….for which God has called me heavenward.

    • Thanks so much for popping by, Lynn. I appreciate your comment. Yes, it was quite a surprise. Your life verse is a good one. We must press on, but we must be sure we are headed in the right direction. The side trip for my parcel may have been funny, but if we get that far off track in our spiritual journey we’re in trouble. God bless.

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