P1110057Well, today was a beautiful day to be outdoors. I called my friend to see if she was up for a walk, and she was, so off we went.

I chose Gibbon’s Park this time. There is a narrow dirt path, narrower this year than last with the wild growth, which I like to follow rather than the paved pathway. It’s a little like being out in the woods. There aren’t as many tent caterpillars this year, so it was nicer to go that way. We tried a side path down to the river, but I couldn’t seem to get to where I wanted, so we returned to the main path.

We walked back via the paved path and sat for some time on one of the benches. The sun was warm, the breeze cool–a perfect combination.

We kept going into the main park and sat again on a bench, this time overlooking the river. It was really pleasant. We walked as far as the bridge and took some photos from the middle. The Canada Geese put on a good show for us while we watched.

As we drove out of the park, I stopped along the street where we had seen a gorgeous bush loaded with flowers larger than any I have ever seen of that type. The photos don’t really show the size without including something to compare them with. But trust me, they were huge.

After stopping at an A & W to get a burger, I dropped my friend home then came back about five and a half hours after I left, tired and sore but having enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.

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I hope you have enjoyed another mini tour of another of our nature areas in the city of London Ontario Canada. Please leave a comment below. If you are not already following my blog, please take a moment to click on the “Follow” button to get e-mail updates for new posts. I really appreciate you taking time to read my posts. It means a lot to me. If you have not been here before, please feel free to browse through earlier posts to see what I have been up to.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. God bless you.

Portrait by Dwayne

22 thoughts on “A WALK IN THE PARK

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Beverly. Thank you so much for taking time to stop by. I appreciate it and your comment. Yes, it is a pretty place though I didn’t take any photos of the really overgrown area we walked through. And it is good to have a friend to walk with, especially one who enjoys the same things I enjoy. That’s a true blessing.

    • Yes, it is good. Summer is almost over and I haven’t had the opportunity to get out like that nearly as often as I would have liked. My leg and hip are still paying for it, but it was worth it. The leg will improve, but the day can never be accessed again. Yes, I believe they are some type of hydrangea, but not your normal kind. God bless you, Martha. And thank you so much for visiting. I’m getting behind again on the blogs I follow.

  1. sounds like a very pleasant day indeed!

    beautiful flowers

    what a great way to end it – with burgers!

    a happy Labor Day to u as well!

  2. I miss those trees found in Ontario. In the prairie range they just don’t grow so big and tend to be poplars and aspen which are much more narrow than oak trees! I know you’ll be enjoying the changing colours soon and hope to see more pictures from another walk in the new season!

    • Thank you so much for taking time to visit, Lynn. I have never been to the prairies, but have seen pictures so can imagine what it must be like. London is known as the “Forest City”, so trees are abundant all over. Yes, I hope to get some photos of the changing colors though I don’t enjoy the prospect of the winter months which will follow. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. God bless.

  3. The river looks so inviting and cool. And that fascinating gnarled tree looks like a dragon’s head to me. Does anyone else see it? If not, chalk it up to my “overactive imagination” as my very polite mom used to put it! Til next time, keep on writin’ Diane!

    • Thanks for commenting, Diane. The river is actually very muddy and not a place you would want to even stick your toe in let alone swim in. But it is beautiful to look at. Not sure I can see the dragon, but I often see unusual things in the ordinary things around us. I should send you a couple of photos I took where I saw different things in a very unusual item. Have a great day.

    • Thank you so much for taking time to read my post and to leave a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I love to walk out in nature, but on city streets I find no pleasure. We are so blessed here with so many parks in the middle of a fairly large city. God bless.

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