It is exciting to announce to you, my followers and readers, that two of my books have been published and are now available on Amazon.

Copy of Look for the Rainbows New full coverLook for the Rainbows A Journey of Spirit and Heart is my first novel. It follows the life of Beth Worthington through childhood and into her middle adult years. Tragedy seems to strike too often and her faith in God is challenged. But she comes through every time and is stronger for it. What she longs for most is marriage to a strong Christian man and to raise their children. But this dream appears to have evaporated in life’s muchness. Will she find what she seeks? Check it out on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

In Shadows in My Valley I share a dark time in my life, what I learned throughShadows in my Valley New cover that time, and how my life was forever changed because of it. It includes poems, short excerpts from the prayer journal I kept through that time, scriptures that were significant to me, and the story of my life during that time. Check it out on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

This is an exciting time for me and I hope you will rejoice with me. It has been a giant learning curve to get me to this place, and I am thankful to the Lord for helping me accomplish this.

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Has pain from the past


Say “Good riddance” and smile.

Become a great grievance?
Just give it to God,
And then say, “Good riddance!”

Is your grieving and sorrow
Too heavy to bear?
Give it over to Jesus,
And then leave it there.

Are your duties so many
They’ve become an encumbrance?
Turn it over to Him
And then say, “Good riddance!”

Do you struggle with life?
Do you question and fret?
Remember the Savior
Will never forget.

Does life in the present
Seem beyond endurance?
Give it over to Him
And then say, “Good riddance!”

Stop carrying your load;
Unburden your soul.
Let the Lord Jesus Christ
Take over the whole.

Lay it all at His feet
And walk in obedience.
Let Jesus take charge
And just say, “Good riddance!”

Copy of P1060176

It doesn’t have to stay this bad. Just say, “Good riddance” and let the spirit of heaviness go into Jesus’ hands.

This, I grant, is not the best poetry in the world, but I wanted to make a point in a poetic way. We so often carry our burdens, allow sorrow to weigh us down, try to “get on with life” without dealing with pain from the past and struggles in the present. It doesn’t work. They always come back to “haunt” us, to sidetrack us and sometimes derail us. The best way to deal with these things is to take them to the Lord in prayer, tell Him all about how you feel, let go of the whole and leave it there. Then shout out, “Good riddance!”

We don’t need to carry these things in our own strength. Jesus has promised to be our Burden-Bearer, our Guide, our Provider, our Comfort, our Hiding Place, our Deliverer, our Strong Tower, a Father to the fatherless and a Husband to the widow. He wants us to surrender everything to Him so that He can have full control of our lives and be free to lead us into our destiny.


Say “Good riddance” and fly free!

When we have learned to leave it all with Him, there is good reason to shout out, “Good riddance!” It brings freedom, joy, a lightness of spirit that helps us go through all the trials that life brings. The Lord will not give us more than we can handle, but we have the choice of whether to take on burdens of our own or to take His yoke which is easy, His burden which is light. This is the way to healthy living physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and relationally. Just dump it all on Jesus and rid yourself of an unnecessary weight.

Yes, I’m giving you a push here. Come on, you can do it! It’s time! Let me hear you shout it out! “Good riddance!”

I hope you have had a little fun with the photos and been a little encouraged by the words. Life can be hard at times. Sometimes it seems to be more hard than otherwise. But we have a faithful God who wants to carry us through those hard times. Give Him a chance and give Him your troubles. Say, “Good riddance” and run free.

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Have a wonderful day and be blessed.


There they cry, but none giveth answer…1

Do you hear them crying?

Women of Destiny retreat and 2007 picnic 002

Many are crying.

Hear their silent screams?

Do you see them dying,

Passing by in streams?

Men and women hurting;

Children in despair.

Some with evil flirting –

Does no one really care?

Loneliness is eating

At the hearts of men.

Sins they keep repeating,


Some sleep on park benches

Time and time again.

Satan is their master,

Rebellion is their way.

Life goes faster, faster;

They have no time to pray.

Seeking, always seeking,

Making gods of gold.

Though their hearts are breaking,

God’s hand they will not hold.


Some have much in earthly goods

Blinded, deaf, unwilling

To receive God’s word.

Life is not fulfilling,

His voice cannot be heard.

Yearning, ever craving

For what, they do not know.

Missing, always missing

The Lord who loves them so.

They live on the street; they sleep under bridges. They live in poverty; they live in wealth. They live in great mansions; they sleep between silk sheets. They are sick; they are healthy. They have nothing; they have everything. Everything, that is, except what is most important in life.


Many are sad and alone

Are you a people-watcher like me? I love to sit in a public place and watch the faces, actions, interactions and antics of the people who pass by. Some are happy faces, wreathed in smiles; some are sad faces, and give the impression that life holds no pleasure. I see determination; I see despair. Laughter. Loneliness. Heaven. Hell. People of all walks of life display openly, yet often unconsciously, a whole range of emotion. Many have erected walls to hide it. Fear has gripped some; others are afraid of nothing. There are timid souls, brave souls and everything in between. But how often do we see Jesus? How often do we ‘hear’ the silent cries of those in despair who have nowhere to turn? How often do we reach out a helping hand? How often do they see Jesus in us? I am ashamed to admit that most of us seldom hear these desperate, silent cries, and fewer of us do anything to alleviate the despair.

I now am forced to ask myself, “Do I really want to be like Jesus? Do I want this enough to live it


Some see no end to the long dreary road

out every day of my life?” These are the questions every Christian must ask if they are serious about their walk with the Lord. We are not saved simply to get to heaven, though we will go there. We are not saved in order to have a trouble-free life here on earth; that will not happen. Jesus died on the cross that we might be saved to serve. And we are meant to serve more than just our Christian brothers and sisters. We have been saved so that we might live pure, holy lives filled with the Holy Spirit, so that the unsaved will see Jesus in us.

Thought for the day: How is my life impacting the lost with the Christ within me? What can I do to make my life count and pour out life to these needy people who are silently crying out for someone to care, someone to help?

Prayer: Lord, help Your people to really see into the hearts of those who are living desperate lives—desperate for love, for hope, for purpose, for someone to show they care. Help us to be willing to reach out to someone in need. Help us to show Your compassion to the lost, to serve them with Your love, Your heart.

1Job 35:12 KJV


We can help bring some beauty into their lives.


We can bring joy into a life


We can feed them and give them something to drink.

More pics in apartment 028

We can give them the Word.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my post. I hope you have enjoyed my poem, been touched and inspired by it. I hope you have enjoyed the photos. And most of all, I hope I have sparked in you a greater desire to seek, with me, to make your life count just a little more this week and to help someone in need. Even if it is just a genuine smile, it might just be the only smile someone will see today. It’s the little things that often mean much more than the big things we do. So let’s see if we can bless someone today.

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© 2006 by Diane Stephenson


Waterworks Park July 2010 020

Well kept garden

How silently they grow!

Millimetre by millimetre,

Inch by inch

They push their way up through the soil

Until they pierce the earth’s crust

As easily as a hot knife slices through soft butter.

And yet they expend great energies to grow.

They encroach upon sublime loveliness – roses, bluebells, lilies and Sweet William.

They diminish strength, nourishment, beauty, fragrance, life.


Earthworks 040

Weeds in my garden

How like the seeds

The enemy sows in our lives.

How silently they grow!

Moment by moment,

Day by day

They push their way up through the soil of our lives

Until they pierce the surface

In angry words, bitter thoughts, jealousies, discord and contentions,

As easily as a hot knife slices through soft butter.

And yet they expend great energies to grow.

They wither our strength, peace, love, joy, goodness, vitality.

They corrupt our prayers, relationships, union with God, our very spirit-life itself.

We need to keep the garden of our life free from weeds. That means we must be diligent to repent of sin quickly so it has no chance to take root. We need to tend the relationships in our lives or they will wither and die. We need to stay in constant communion with the Lord or we will languish in our spirits, souls and possibly our bodies also. We have all the tools to look after our garden: the Word, prayer, the armor of God, weapons of warfare, guaranteed entry into the throne room, a seat in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Father. We have no excuse for allowing weeds to grow in our garden, yet we often do just that. I want to tend my garden as Jesus tends the garden of my life so it is beautiful for Him and for those around me. How about you?


I hope you have enjoyed my little poem. I’m glad you dropped by today. I hope you will leave a comment in the box below with your thoughts. Thank you for taking time to come here. Have a blessed day filled with the beauty of a well-tended garden.

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