All Wounds Matter: Writing Better Stories

Check out Kristen Lamb’s blog for writers.

In this article she shares the need to write your characters as wounded human beings to make them real. I found this to be excellent advice for writers. Click on the link below. Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed it, and leave a comment on Kristen’s blog as well. I know she will appreciate it.

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P1080568This is for fiction writers and is reblogged from Kristen Lamb’s blog.

Dialogue can be a tricky thing to handle in a novel, but if done well, with accurate punctuation, can make a scene come alive for the reader. Kristen shares some great advice on how to write dialogue to the best advantage. Check it out and please leave a comment below to let me know what you think. And leave a comment on Kristen’s blog, too. I know she will appreciate it as much as I will.