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Prayer changes things.

Anytime is a time for prayer.

Now is the time for intense prayer.

Today is the time for prayer on a higher level.

This hour is the time to pray like a true warrior by the Holy Spirit.

This day is the time to pray the prayer that changes our circumstances.

Anytime is a time for personal prayer.

Anytime is a time for corporate prayer in the church.

But now is the time for national prayer in unity with the Body of Christ.

Now is the time to pray without ceasing.

We have seen so many changes over the past several months because of COVID-19, changes which make us wonder if we will ever again be able to live as we once lived. The lock-down has curtailed our movement in society, in employment, in family life and in church life as we have known it.    Read more…




Hebrews 4:9,10


When everything around us seems to be in a chaotic turmoil, how can we rest? When we are confused about all of the conflicting information we are being fed and we don’t know what we should believe, how can we rest? When everything we have known is suddenly changing so fast and looking as though it will never become normal again, how can we rest? When all we experience is darkness and with no sign of the sunshine, how can we rest?

Perhaps a better question, the one we should be asking, is…READ MORE





During this COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent lock-down, hope is becoming more and more elusive to some people. For some, hope has all but dissipated, and they are left wondering if this situation can ever be redeemed. Fear has been a huge factor in this whole situation. Even when things do improve and open up, what exactly will the new “normal” even look like?

What does the Bible have to say about hope?

What is hope?

First, let’s see what the dictionary says about hope:

noun—a ground for expectation, trust; that in which one places one’s confidence.

verb—to look forward to with confidence of fulfillment; expectation with desire.

(The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)

Gage Canadian Thesaurus gives the following as synonyms for hope:

anticipation, assurance, expectation, possibility

Now let’s look at the original language of the Bible. Both the Hebrew and Greek translates hope as: expectation, to anticipate, trust

We can see from the various definitions that hope is something positive, something with an expected end, an outcome which can be relied on.

What does Scripture say about hope?   

Romans 5:3-5      read more…




Looking for a peaceful place to land?

We are living in most unusual times.

Frightening times. Unsettled times. As we all learn to cope in our own way according to our personal situations, our level of faith, it seems at times that this season just keeps dragging on so slowly, as if it would never end. But, as the title of my post says, we are walking through this valley. And like any other valley in our lives, we will come to the end and find a mountain to climb into a fresh and life-giving atmosphere.

Some of us have lost much through this time. Others not so much. Some are walking in sorrow through this valley as you have lost loved ones, lost employment, have become confused and may be feeling way too confined to suit your emotional needs. But we have a choice. We can continue to walk on, trusting the Lord to bring us out in victory. Or we can sit ourselves down in the middle of the valley…to read more, click here 


The Lives of God's Poor and Obscure 3D cover (2)You may have been wondering why I have not posted anything new for a while. I apologize for that, but I have been busy. For one thing, I have been working on preparing another book for publishing. Last week I finally uploaded my manuscript and cover to KDP Print. There was a problem with the spine, so I fixed that and uploaded it again. No sooner had I done that than I realized I had the wrong front cover and spine. Evidently I had designed two front covers and spines to go with each, and somehow got them mixed up when I prepared my full cover PDF.

Continue reading here on my new blog for the rest of the story.

Portrait by Dwayne


P1110113Yesterday I suggested to my friend that we take a walk in Waterworks Park St. Thomas Ontario on Sunday after church. This morning she asked me if I thought maybe we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and go today instead. That is what we did.

We stopped for lunch after Bible study before taking off for St. Thomas, about 3/4 of an hour’s drive from my end of town.

Some of the flowers in the gardens were past their prime, especially the cana lilies, but the colors were still brilliant. I didn’t take many pictures this time. I have hundreds from other walks through this park.

Well, it turned out that my friend’s idea to go today was sent from the Lord. We stood at one point deliberating which way to go. We almost went one way when I decided we could do that later. We walked towards the little bridges spanning the lily ponds. A man and woman came towards us heading for the walk we just turned from. She made a comment about how great the weather was and we stopped to chat. I mentioned my friend’s name in conversation, and it turned out this lady had the same name. I took a more concentrated look at her then, and asked her if she was (I spoke a name). She said, “Yes!” and looked curiously at me. I told her my name and immediately she remembered me. We used to be neighbors years ago when her children were little. It’s a small world after all.

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If we had followed through on the original plan to go on Sunday, or if we had decided to walk the other way, we would have missed each other. I don’t know why we needed to meet this couple today, but I believe there was a reason for it that only the Lord knows just now. But it was a wonderful surprise.

I believe the Lord loves to surprise us because He loves us so much. He loves to give us gifts whether they be spiritual or natural. Today was a gift to be able to spend a beautiful afternoon walking with a friend, meeting an old friend and enjoying the warm sunshine as we sat on one of the benches just soaking up the sunshine. God is good.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my afternoon in the park. Sorry I didn’t take more photos, but I think these should brighten up your day (or night). Please take a moment to leave a comment in the box below. If you are not following my blog, please check the “Follow” button at the top to receive e-mail notifications of new posts. I will be announcing the publishing of a new blog site in the near future, and I hope you will join me there as well and sign up for notifications. In the meantime, have a blessed day and enjoy God’s wonderful creation wherever you live.